Virtual Assistant Services

Office-based Virtual Assistant Services

Flatworld Philippines’ Virtual Assistants are highly-skilled, versatile individuals who can deliver results as your business needs.

Why spread yourself thin by working on menial tasks like data entry, internet research, or making travel reservations, when you could delegate these and free up your time for more valuable pursuits? Flatworld Philippines’ virtual assistants are specifically matched with each client, making sure that you will work with someone whose skill sets are exactly what you need.

We provide you with the right virtual assistant team whose work allows you to focus on your growing your business, while we work behind the scenes, making sure your mission-critical tasks are done accurately. With a blend of specialized skill-sets and experience, our virtual assistants will provide you seamless service that’s cost-effective for your business.

Aside from data entry, internet research, and making travel reservations, our virtual assistants can help you with appointment setting, event planning, managing correspondence exchanges, attending to desktop publishing tasks, and even answering calls, as needed. We are here every step of the way to help you manage and keep on top of your business’ administrative tasks, to help you run your business like a well-oiled machine.

Our Virtual Assistant Services include:


Hire Your Virtual Assistant at Flatworld Philippines

Because your needs are unique to your business, we will ensure that we meet those needs, as well. So whether you need just one or a whole team of virtual assistants, we can recruit and manage them for you.

In case you need them on an hourly basis, a part-time basis, or full-time basis, we can adjust to your needs, as well. Let us know your business’ specific needs, and we’ll work out your staffing solutions with you!

Virtual Assistant Transition Process

  • Inquire: Contact us with your requirement so we can get in touch with you.
  • Discovery Call: We will contact you to understand your requirement.
  • Contracting: We send you a proposal and contract for sign-off.
  • Hiring: We will shortlist suitable candidates for final interview with you and onboard selected candidates.
  • Training: The virtual assistant starts training with you and your team.
  • Documentation: We document a process manual during training.
  • Go Live: Your Flatworld Virtual Assistant is now Live, performing tasks for.
  • Feedback: Our Team Managers will be in touch with you regularly to get feedback and manage the VA’s performance.

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