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Efficient and Reliable Data Entry Services

Accuracy, Efficiency and Timeliness are key for successful data entry operations. In many cases, data entry is the first step in more complex business processes. Therefore, the availability of accurate in timely manner is a critical piece in the complex process.

In most cases, although menial, these tasks can be laborious, taking up most of the time. Partner with Flatworld Philippine so we can assist you to relieve you from this burden while you focus on your core strengths and free up your mind to make critical decisions using data. For years, Flatworld Philippines has consistently delivered top-notch data entry services. Our competent team of associates, tried and tested processes, and technology allows us to serve companies from a wide variety of industries. We will assist you with mining, converting, managing, and even analyzing your data.

Whether the task is data mining, data conversion, or data analysis, these crucial business functions are best left to experienced staff. Flatworld’s data entry specialists are capable of working with large amounts of data, delivering accurate results within and even before your deadlines. This effectivity and efficiency saves you time, maximizes revenue, and most importantly, gives you peace of mind.

We will work with you closely as an extension of your team. We will Help you document your current process, understand the current workflow and analyse the output. Once we replicate the existing process, we will look at ways to streamline the workflow and make it more efficient with the goal to improve accuracy and turnaround times. We look for opportunities for automation.

Our Data Entry Services include:

Data Conversion
Data Processing
Data Mining
Property Management
Data Analytics

Flatworld Philippines- Your Reliable Partner for Data Entry Services

Flatworld is committed to staying at the forefront of providing data entry solutions. We believe in constantly and consistently setting industry standards. We’ve discovered the best practices for helping your business thrive through exceptional data management.

Hand in hand with a world-class standard of customer service, we guarantee unprecedented confidentiality, efficiency, and accuracy. Our carefully-selected team of specialists has the expertise to address industry-specific data management needs and we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to ensure their unique needs are met.

Outsource Customs Brokerage Data Entry Process

At Flatworld we process release of thousands of shipments from Indexing to Billing on behalf of Customs Brokers for all modes of transportation using Single Window Initiative (SWI) or ACROSS. We can take on every piece of your release operations and help you focus on on-boarding new clients and handle regulatory matters onsite while we ensure timely release of shipments.

Our Call Center Team can be on the forefront to handle calls from clients or drivers at the borders to provide updates and relevant information pertaining to their shipments.

Our customs release operations is managed by managers, trainers and supervisors who are Canada Customs Specialists (CCS) certified by CSCB.

Customs Brokerage Services

B3 Data Entry

NAFTA Validation And Registration



HS Classification

Contact Center- Client Services

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