Call Center Services

24/7 Call Center Services in the Philippines

Outsource Customer Service, Technical Support, Outbound Telemarketing, Appointment Setting tasks to competent teams at Flatworld Philippines. With over fifteen years of experience, Flatworld has become an outstanding provider of offshore call center services in the Philippines. What sets us apart is that our team becomes an extension of your business. Therefore, their engagement with your customers results in extraordinary, personalized interactions.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure function seamlessly. Flatworld Philippines uses the latest technologies to check call quality and track performance. We also provide complete end-to-end call recording, to guarantee that our agents give your customers the best possible service. Redundancies are in place, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. This great mix of people, processes, and infrastructure are exactly what your business needs, at really competitive pricing.

Flatworld Philippines is located in Davao City, Philippines, a country teeming with talented people enjoying a more affordable cost of living. It is also a country that boasts of more cost-effective technology infrastructure and services. With these factors, we can provide top-notch outsourcing services at rates that won’t make a dent in your overhead.

Our Call Center Services include:

Inbound Call
Center Services
Outbound Call
Center Services
Technical Support
Business Process
as a Service
CCTV Monitoring
Email Support
Chat Support

Customer Support Workflow

Why Outsource to Flatworld Philippines?

  • 100% call recording.
  • Custom Reports and Analysis.
  • Experienced and highly-skilled Team of Managers and Associates.
  • People and Data-driven Processes and Systems.
  • High-level of Transparency in Engagement.
  • Focus on Employee Retention.

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